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Computerphile - someone with a great love of computers.
Welcome to the club!
Money Is Honey Section
This website has evolved from in-person instruction of senior
citizens, regarding computer and internet operating procedures.
It covers the basics, including what computer to purchase,
accessories, sending and receiving e-mail, searching the internet,
and printing. Along the way, we may also list some tricks and
shortcuts for the experienced user. It should be noted that this is
a work in progress and that information will be added or changed
as time goes on. If you have a question of a basic nature, please
send us an e-mail and we'll try to give you a simple answer.
Remember, mastering the computer/internet process is a bit
tricky at first, but continued practice and experimentation will
soon make the endeavor easier and more enjoyable.

Also, we have provided a good number of links to other websites,
that will help you expand your knowledge database. You are on
your way to becoming a true computerphile. It has been found
that the best method of learning computer and internet
procedures is to write every detail of your learning experience in a
notebook. This includes sign-in names, passwords and details of
how you progressed from one step to the next using each piece of

The Money Is Honey Section details three money making
opportunities that might be investigated by the more experienced
computer user. E-COMMERCE involves opening a store on the
internet, if you have an item for sale you can sell it at an AUCTION,
and the STOCKS segment details a method of trading stocks.